So you have purchased you furkid an Oilskin coat.

How to best care for it?


Oilskin coats should be brushed off regularly to remove excess dirt.

Oilskin coats can be hand washed in cold water only, using a small amount of Chevalla Park Oilskin Wash.

Dry the Oilskin Coat in the shade.

When completely dry, spray your Oilskin Dog Coat with Chevalla Park reproofer.

Only wash your Oilskin coat when absolutely necessarry.

Oilskin coats should only need reproofer once a year.

Chevalla Parks Oilskin Care Kit comes with a 50ml bottle of Oilskin Wash and a 100ml bottle of Oilskin Reproofer


Oilskin Care Kit