So, you want to take your dog on a car trip. You want to take them travelling with you. You want to get a doggy car seat, but there's a small problem... you have TWO dogs. Don't you worry! This Double Doggy Car Seat has got you covered, with enough room for your two doggos!


Dog Bless you.

Double Doggy Car Seat

SKU: 0007
Canvas Colour
Edging Colour
  • Material: Waterproof Canvas and breezeway mesh sides. Polypropylene straps.


    Size: (W)60cm x (D)32cm x (H)30cm.


    All Double Doggy Car Seats comes with one or two inside restraint clip, a cushion insert.


    The base is solid and has been triple stitched for extra strength. All sides and straps are double stitched.