What could be more fun than travelling? Travelling around with your dog (doggo, doggy, pupper)! This Doggy Car seat provides a safe place for your precious pup to sit back and relax as you set out on your journey!

Doggy Car Seat

SKU: 0006
Canvas Colour
Edging Colour
  • Material: Waterproof Canvas and breezeway mesh on the side. Polypropylene straps.


    Size: (W)42cm x (D)33cm x (H)30cm


    This Doggy Car Seat is suitable for dogs up to 13kg.


    All Doggy Car Seats come with a single restraint clip and a cushion insert.


    All Doggy Car Seats come with one inside clip. A second inside clip can be added for an addional cost.


    The base is solid and has been triple stitched in for extra strength. All edges and straps are double stitched.