Chevalla Park Dog Harness. Yes. You read that right. Chevalla Park. That's this business. The wonderful Kathryn Murray (the owner and founder) designed and created this harness herself.


Look how cute dogs looks in these harnesses. Adorable. Yours could too! Plus, no dog has escaped a Chevalla Park Dog Harness!

Chevalla Park Dog Harness (Small - up to 51cm)

  • Material: Harness are lined with polycotton fabric. The patterned fabric is usually a duck canvas or cotton fabric. I just look for awesome designs. The harness has no clips. It is a step in style that wraps around the body and is held in place with velcro. If you would like a certain edging colour, just let us know.


    Size: Made to measure (see below).


    Chevalla Park Dog Harnesses are for dogs that measure up to 48cm. If you require a larger size, please contact us directly to get a quote.


    If you'd like you dogs name on your Chevalla Park Dog Harness, let us know what name you want in the field asking.


    What Measurements We Need:


    To ensure your Chevalla Park Dog Harness fits perfectly, please measure around the body directly behind the front legs.


    If this measurment is more than 51cm, please contact us directly for a quote.