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The Story Of Our Harnesses

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Several years ago, I was asked by a friend to design and make a harness for her dachshund. Jo had tried many different brands of harness and her dachshund had escaped them all. Together, we worked on a design that would not only be escape proof but comfortable, easy to put on and suitable for walks and for use in the car. The Chevalla Park harness was born. Pretty quickly, I realised our harness could be adapted to suit all breeds of dogs. The harness was a success.


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Chevalla Park soon began to make harnesses for other pets. Our V harness is available in X-Small to Large and comes in plain colours and prints. Our X-Small V harness fits cats, rabbits, and puppies. The Large V harness will fit a German Shepherd. We also make 'made to measure' V harnesses for those pets in between sizes!


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This was a complete surprise to me. I was asked to make an X-Large harness for a pet pig name Pickles. Pickles often goes for walks with the family. Sometimes even down the main street to the shops. I had no idea pigs needed harnesses for walks. Did you? Chevalla Park is currently the only maker and supplier of harnesses for pigs in Australia. Something I am very proud of.